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In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.
– Alan Greenspan



Those who have purchased my book 8 months back and acted on the advice, strategies I have shared, will be laughing all the way, you know one of the stock researched by me and suggested in my book is giving 120% returns that is “Edelweiss Financial Services” it was around Rs 46 – Rs 48 when my book was launched, now it is Rs 104 dated: 11/12/2016! Another stock researched by me and suggested in my book is giving 60% returns that is “Multi Commodity Exchange of India” it was around Rs 800 – 810 when my book was launched, now it is Rs 1300 dated: 11/12/2016 but remember patience is a virtue and PATIENCE pays heavily. But why I am writing this! to get 1 book sale… NO NO NO! Absolutely not, I have already made good returns from the stocks, which I own (I need more money as I want to do lot of charity work; and want to help poor as much as possible, and feel right to education and food is the biggest problems we have; and for all this I need money) 1.5 years back resigned from my IT job, and I am out of RAT-RACE and living blissful, happy, healthy life currently, I am not working in any company as I have quit my job, which I never liked.

Firstly, I was not passionate about IT job (9am-6pm : Monday to Friday really, we work in Dreams),  I was not underpaid in any company, I was paid fairly all the time and I was earning good 6 figure monthly salary and visited many countries like United Kingdom (two times I was there for 6+ months each), US – many times, Morocco-Africa, and two-time I got opportunity to finally settle for long term in UK/US, henceforth you can easily figure out, that I was paid handsomely in all companies I worked for, but the truth is IT jobs was NOT MY CUP OF TEA.

Secondly, my love for stocks is very high, also I was always passionate about stocks, calculating valuation etc, I often watch business channels for 3-4 hours or more on some weekends, but I was living self-defeating limited belief life always that I am not good enough, you can read more on my pain areas, and my success story in my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and in my books and eBooks, please find collection all my eBooks as well, you believe or deny but stocks researched by me works! Fanatically well.

Don’t believe my words, look what readers said in mail received by me:)


Hi Sanjay,

I have purchased your book- Art of Investing, as you have mentioned 4 stocks. So I have decided to invest 25k in each. All 3 are quoting at purchase price except one; I would like to discuss about it – Edelweiss Financial Services.

I purchased it at Rs 102 but it quickly went down to Rs 95, I am really worried and thought that, how stupid I was to have invested Rs 25000 without any investigation.

I was making a loss of Rs 1,750 one time, and thought how bad your ideas are!

I thought I will sell stocks if it breaks 90 level, also in one of the chapter, you have suggested that to keep mind off share market, you plan for 100 things to do before you die. I thought give this idea a try! So I planned for my Goa trip and what I will do there. Few days passed doing this; now this share is trading at Rs 111, currently I am making a profit of Rs 2,250

Your ideas are great and rocking, I am sitting on huge profit, further I have read your next book “Learn to become RICH from Stocks, patience goes a long way!” and invested Rs 46,000 in Kolte-Patil Developers purchased 474 shares at 97 each share, now trading at Rs 124 made a huge profit of Rs 11,354, in few days.

Your, ideas works.                           

Thank You.




Friends, opportunity missed is opportunity gone, same opportunity will never Knock your door again, next opportunity will come in _________ sector, so apply for my consultation services to find stocks and this time don’t let this opportunity slip from your fingers. You can build large wealth from holding stocks and trusting its business model not by panic selling. I promise you will get huge use value in exchange of very nominal cash value!

Patience is the ability to accept delay or disappointment graciously.



Thank for reading!!!


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