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My name is Sanjay Gupta having 43+ years of age, I was born in Jhansi (U.P) and moved to Meerut (U.P) when I was some 8-9 years of age, so my childhood was spent in Meerut though my early kids’ years spent in Jhansi and grown-up missing Jhansi.

I was living with two siblings in Meerut but both died, one my elder brother was polio affected; his life was limited to wheelchair so he was not able to go to places I was, but his confidence was extremely high and was ready to challenge the impossible but he was not able to defeat his death though he was very successful in running Kirana store (small department store) beside our house in Meerut, I remember he used to say “Sanju (my pet name), do what you love doing, and don’t do anything to please family, which you don’t love doing” he want to say something more to me. I look up to the sky and talk to him. What I wouldn’t give to hear him talk back. I miss his voice, I miss his laughter, I miss everything about him, really, he was a good motivator for me, he was always there in my bad day but he is not alive to see my good days and my opulent life though he is blessing me from heaven and visualizing my success from there.

My second sibling was my younger sister she was some five years younger to me, she was full of life and want to live every moment of life, I remembered that when she heard the news of her chronic renal failure and that she can’t survive more than six month, she continually started crying and told me that “Bhaiya, mai marna nahi chahati, mujhe bacha lo” I felt so helpless that I can’t do anything to save her life, she was fond of new clothes and love shopping, that time I can’t fulfill her wishes, hope she is alive today; I can shop for lakhs for her but truth is she is not with me, we were not poor but driven by poverty thoughts. I have shared more details in my book “Art of Investing – THINK LIKE AN INVESTOR NOT AS A TRADER”. WP_20151206_011

I know God called her home, extended his arms and opened heaven’s doors, heaven is more beautiful because my sister is there, walking with the angels in GOD’s loving care. I will always love and miss you Sis love always. Some 20 years back, in the year 1995, I invested Rs. 50,000 in some shares. In the year 2010, the value of these shares was above Rs. 12 lakhs.

I have ICICI Bank shares purchased at Rs. 23 with a face value of Rs. 10, without the split. I have purchased UTI Bank shares (some 600 of them) at Rs. 69 (UTI Bank is now called AXIS Bank). It was also at the face value of Rs. 10 without a split. And we enjoy great dividends for all these years. Investing is not rocket science. Anyone can learn it. But you need to have the patience to hold on to your shares. I have made a great fortune by holding on to these shares, no matter what, by believing in these companies. (Though my father believes that I have done nothing extraordinary and that I am still managing Rs. 50,000 on his behalf, like any other employee or consultant would.)





I would like you to focus your attention on the power of holding on to your investment. Develop patience. It can reward you in many ways.

I  am extremely good at picking stocks but I lost great touch with stocks as I got involved in job and post marriage I  too got involved with family responsibilities etc. like others but my love for stock never decreased as I was not able to devote much time in calculating stock valuations, triggers, PE ratios, profit & loss etc. also my family & friends discouraged me from time to time that “stock market is not for you”, problem got started from 2004 and was on peak in the year 2008 when I was blamed for everything that went wrong, so ultimately in 2008 I decided to end my life, suicidal thoughts was flourishing my mind and I thought it was the best decision I can take, but something has stopped me from taking that dirty step! I have shared my feelings more in detailed in my book “Art of Investing” -Think like an investor, not as a trader.

Through my book I am sharing vast knowledge I have acquired by investing in mutual fund and shares, also I have shared my life experience and how I come winner from depressed and full of suicidal thought individual, I have enjoyed a long career working as an IT professional with company like Churchill (now RBS), Fidelity, MindTree, IBT.

Currently, I am not working in any company as I have quit my job, I never liked my job Firstly, I was not passionate about IT job (9am-6pm : Monday to Friday really, we work in Dreams),  I was not underpaid in any company I was paid fairly all the time and I was earning good 6 figure monthly salary and visited many countries like United Kingdom (two times I was there for 6+ months each), US – many times, Morocco-Africa and two-time I got opportunity to finally settle for long term in UK/US, henceforth you can easily figure out that I was paid handsomely in all companies I worked for, but the truth is IT jobs was NOT MY CUP OF TEA.

Secondly, my love for stocks is very high also I was always passionate about stocks, calculating valuation etc, I often watch business channels for 3-4 hours or more on some weekends, but I was living self-defeating limited belief life always that I am not good enough, you can read more on my pain areas and my success story in my FACEBOOK FANPAGE and in my book “Art of Investing” -Think like an investor, not as a trader, hence, I decided to follow my passion i.e. Investing also I am financially free now please don’t judge my book by its cover, my book “Art of Investing” -Think like an investor, not as a trader, is really a gem where I have tried to empower you to make better financial decisions;  it will enable you to select the best mutual funds and shares.

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